Our Process

This is what makes us so different than many of the web design companies out there. We place a priority on understanding your individual business, goals and needs. We tailor custom programs based off our conversations, and promise to never give you the hard sale, or recommend services you don't need. We use fully custom frameworks built using the latest technology, written and developed by some of the best developers in the world. This provides us with a great foundation for your website, saving us time and saving you money in the process. But before we ever lift a finger, we start with the most important (and most overlooked) step of all...

Step 1

Everything starts with a conversation. We’ll grab a coffee, ask way too many questions about your business, goals, needs, competition, and industry.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Do you have an existing website?
  • What are your goals & objectives for your website?
  • What do you want your site to look like?

Step 2

Taking all the things we learned during Step 1, we continue with even more research, site maps, and wireframes. We then turn that into a strategic plan of action.

  • Establish hosting & domain
  • Design discovery & decision
  • WordPress framework installation
  • Content & functionality planning

Step 3

With our plan, sketches and wireframes in hand, we get to work. Through constant refinement of our ideas, collaboration with you, and lots of coffee we arrive at the best design solution,  tailor-made for your business.

  • Implement the design
  • Develop & customize the site
  • Add your content
  • Optimize usability

Step 4

This is where the heavy lifting happens! We will use a variety of methods and technologies to turn your design into a working website. This includes scripting languages, hard coding, and any custom elements we may use on your site.

  • Coding
  • Mobile optimization
  • Integrations
  • Interactive elements

Step 5

Finally, we can start testing the site on a variety of screen sizes, devices, and environments. Once its been reviewed and pending your approval we will launch your new website!

  • Usability testing (UX)
  • Analytics setup
  • Optimization
  • Review & approval
seo research

Step 6

We’ll schedule a training session to show you the ropes. We’ll also discuss a variety of opportunities to continue working together on things like SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Content Creation to help drive traffic to your new site.

  • Content Management
  • Advanced search engine optimization
  • PPC marketing
  • Social media marketing

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